So, what's Adelee?
Adelee is a photo & video messaging app for sharing real moments & messages. Simply get together in a private group and start sharing personal messages mixed with memorable or mundane moments of your life. Because life becomes a whole lot brighter when you're focused on building meaningful relationships.

Is Adelee really free?
The short answer is yes. We will never sell ads or monetize your data. Adelee is free to use, and we will offer an optional paid subscription for an enhanced experience around the app.

How does Adelee work?
Download the app and sign in with your Apple ID. You can either join someone in a group or start a new one. You can invite as many people as you like to start sharing videos & photos together.

So, every photo & video disappears?
Well, unless you add a photo or video to your favourites, they will all automatically disappear 3 days after you've shared them.

What about My Favourites?
The videos & photos you've added to your favourites will stay with you in Adelee for as long as you want.

How long can I record a video?
Ultimately our app will cut you off after 24hrs of recording. Yeah, that's a pretty long story.

Can I use Adelee on Android?
Sorry, Adelee isn't available for Android yet. We're working hard to make sure early next year this will become a reality.

Can I save or export my videos & photos?
Yes, you can export all content shared in a group to the camera roll on your phone. To do so, just tap the save button hidden behind the ... dots.

How does Adelee approach privacy and encryption?
We store and log as few things as possible, only what's necessary to run the app. The email address used for your Apple ID will link back to you. When signing in with Apple, you can also hide your personal credentials, and we won't know your email address or name. We encrypt all data at rest and move all data over secure connections (there is no end-to-end encryption yet, but it's on our roadmap).
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